We offer a range of services to suit EWE. At Positive Ewe Ltd our clients are at the centre of everything that we do and so we can tailor make a service to suit your wants and needs.

Individual Personal Coaching

Sessions can take place in a vast range of places including my office, in the client’s home or workplace online or a local coffee shop. It is paramount to the success of the session that the coachee feels relaxed, safe and supported in their coaching environment. Individual Coaching is a powerful process for assisting individuals to maximize their potential and achieve what matters to them. As a coach I support my clients to explore their agenda and identify their goals. I challenge my coachees to create strategies to overcome barriers which will enable them to move forward on their journey. I trust my clients’ inner wisdom and believe that they have the answers to a successful journey within them. I hold my clients accountable to themselves about the progress they are making. All goals, actions and timelines are set by the client themselves. Within the sessions I will use a range of coaching tools to support my clients to set and reach goals.
Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be bought individually or in blocks of 3 or 6.  Block bookings  provide the client with additional contact between sessions and regular check ins.
1 = £325 / 3 = £855 / 6 = £1500
(90 minute sessions)
Life Coaching

Parenting and Family Life Coaching Workshops

Are you wanting to be the best parent you can be?​​

If you are a parent of a child aged 0 – 18, then this course is for you! 

About this Workshop

Think of it as CPD for parents. No other job comes without a handbook, annual performance review meetings and salary increases. Reflect with other parents & learn proven tools to enhance your family life. This is a judgement-free zone offering you the chance to focus and reflect on your journey as a parent using proven coaching tools and techniques. You will develop useful, transferable skills you can put into practice straight away. We will explore theory based in child psychology and offer coaching tools to help you with life’s most challenging role.

Who is it for?

Parents wanting to increase their self-awareness.

Parents wanting to communicate better with their child(ren).

Parents wanting to stop feeling guilty about going to work or having time to themselves. 

Parents wanting to have a growth mindset. 

Parents wanting to understand their child’s development and behaviours.

Parents wanting to learn more about themselves. 

Parents wanting to understand the beliefs and labels that their family members carry. 

Parents wanting to promote their own self-care and its importance to their children. 

Parents wanting to get more enjoyment from family life. 

Parents wanting to understand the impact of the various positions within the family. 

Parents wanting to reflect on their role, celebrate the successes and set goals to create changes.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching takes place in a warm and welcoming venue such as a local coffee shop or creative space as well as online. The ultimate goal of Group Coaching is to share experiences and goals. Your fellow Coachees provide mutual support, encouragement and accountability to you. As a Coach, I will expose you to new coaching tools and models each session and you will coach and be coached by your peers. You will be taught how to coach during the sessions. All Coachees will bring with them a wealth of knowledge to enrich the sessions. All Coachees will share a common interest or area of challenge, however will have their own individual goals and will be individually accountable for these. Group Coaching sessions last between 2 and 3 hours, depending on group size and subject area and is more cost effective than individual sessions. All Group Coaching sessions are listed on the Events page.

Examples of group focus are: Self-Esteem; Confidence; Sense of Purpose; Motivation;  Enjoying the Now;  Negative Self Talk;  Limiting Beliefs;  Perfectionism; Work-Life Balance;  Resilience;  New Mums, New Leaders, Menopause, Positivity and Aligning Values.

Maternity Coaching

Maternity Coaching

I provide specialist support and a confidential sounding board to professional pregnant women. I provide objective support for each of my clients to find the best work-related solution for them: whether that means a rapid return to work; a delayed return or indefinite leave. The Maternity Package is a series of 6 sessions bespoke to the individual. The first two sessions take place before the maternity leave begins and focus on preparation for the period ahead, both personal and professional. Sessions 3 and 4 take place during the maternity leave period and focus on values, beliefs, reflections, concerns and goals. Self-confidence and sense of worth underpin all sessions. The final two sessions take place once the woman has returned to work and will again address values and beliefs, along with life-balance, transition back into work and clarity over current and future career goals and aspirations.

Coaching Outdoors

A coaching session outdoors is physically active, less formal, more sensory and more likely to increase creative thought. Walking coaching doesn’t require any special equipment or a special place to walk. You can engage in coaching conversations whilst walking with me outdoors in an urban area or in a natural environment. Walking outdoors heightens the awareness of your environment and involves the use of all your senses. It enables you to slow your pace down and ground yourself, which has a calming effect on your body and mind. This calming effect helps with problem solving and creative thinking. During the walk I may ask you to stop and notice the world around you to see if it helps to promote thoughts and feelings for you. If you are a dog lover you are more than welcome to bring your dog along to the session.

Walking Coaching