(Permission given by my client to share with others in the hopes that you too give yourself the time you deserve)
A client I coached recently discovered in her coaching session that she never makes time for herself, yet spends plenty of time in her work role, parent role, friend role and partner role. Me Me as we called it within her sessions did not get a look in and this made her feel sad. There are 1440 minutes in a day and 0 were used for Me Me other than the basics of eating, sleeping and washing. Work Me took up a lot of the 1440 daily minutes and anything that was left went to Parent Me. This realisation was hard at first for my client to swallow.
“Where is me me?”
By the end of our first coaching session my client was determined to make a change. Only she could make time for Me Me asking for support form others as needed. I saw my client again this week and she was excited to tell me about the changes she has made in her life. Me Me now gets time daily to exercise, craft and eat healthy meals. Work Me is no longer using more than their fair quota of the 1440 daily minutes and Partner Me is making more of an appearance which is having a positive impact on her relationship.
My client now runs daily, she started off two months ago running no more than 100m at a time and has now just ran 7.5km. She has signed up for a 10km race in Feb and is challenging herself to a 1/2 marathon by Summer. The distance that she is running is not important here (although it is pretty amazing), the fact that she is allowing herself Me Me time which she has never done before. The running provides her with the time to think and gain clarity and is increasing both her emotional wellbeing and fitness.
“It gives me the headspace to discover and be me.”
“I feel a real sense of achievement every time I run.”
“I feel proud of myself and believe in myself more than I ever have.”
Make a change today:
Start by giving yourself the gift of 5 minutes to do something for you. Not work you or parent you but you you. Only you can make this happen. Make 1 small change today and it will snowball.