I have been thinking for a while about the importance of ‘sense of purpose’ upon an individual and their happiness. Many of my clients have discovered their ‘sense of purpose’ through self-discovery and gaining insight into their life. Not knowing your ‘sense of purpose’  can cause an individual to be unsettled and unhappy, not knowing what to do next and what choice to make.

Many studies have been done into ‘sense of purpose’ and how it has a positive benefit upon quality and enjoyment of life.

My little boy Henry (aged 4) has cried every morning before school since January, sometimes resulting in him being physically sick; saying that he doesn’t want to go and it’s boring. He goes to a wonderfully inspiring and engaging school, once he is there he is totally fine and has a lovely time. Yesterday it was Science dress up day at school, he sprung out of bed, dressed up as a Vet, packed his Vet tool bag (including toy saw for bones and a brush for dirt) and skipped to school. He was very proud to say that he was as important as a doctor and when I stated that if he tries his best at school he can be a vet one day, he looked at me as if I had two heads and replied “I am a vet Mummy and I am going to save animals!’

Yesterday, Henry found his sense of purpose and is far happier for it. I am aware that he is 4 years old and I am sure that his sense of purpose will change as he grows and develops. But for now my little boy is happy and has a purpose.

Hayley x