Where do I begin…

I have always had a passion for helping others and supporting them to set goals to move forward and create change.

I started off many moons ago as a Primary School Teacher, working across 5 different countries, teaching children from across the world. I loved this and have many fond memories of the children I taught. Creating Memory Making Moments with the children and facilitating them on their personal learning journeys was such an honor.

As a teacher I learnt that all children are different and learn in different ways. I learnt that children learn best when they take control of their learning, as a teacher I was just the co-pilot, they flew the plane. Getting the children involved in reflecting upon their work and setting targets kept them engaged and driven. If I told a child what they needed to do next it fell on deaf ears so to speak. If the children set their own next steps with my support, they took ownership over the process and became accountable for their own success. Actively listening to the children was so important as it allowed for me to really get to know them and how to support them best.

As I progressed through school leadership I became more involved with the learning and development of staff and parents. At one point I supported a team of 200+ teachers and support staff. Using a coaching approach with my team members allowed for them to self-discover and set personal goals in their teaching. I strongly believed that my team knew what they needed to do to create change, I facilitated them on their journey by creating the time and opportunity for personal and professional reflection and goal setting. I created a supportive environment whereby my team felt comfortable in setting themselves challenges to be the teacher they dreamed of being. I would coach my team on a personal 1 on 1 level or in groups sometimes as large as 200, both very effective in their own way.

The development of staff and students through coaching became my passion and so I took advantage of my family’s relocation back to the UK to set up my own Coaching and Training Business¬†Positive Ewe Ltd¬†doing what I love! Coaching!

I personally have benefitted from many a coaching session and I have many fabulous coaching friends to thank for the changes I have made in my life based on the sessions.

I provide personal, family and educational coaching on both a 1 to 1 and group basis. I coach from the heart, providing my clients with support and challenge as they self-discover, gain insight, set goals and create change. Sessions are fun and interactive, using a variety of tools and techniques to best support my clients.